CORI Shiny Bra Chain With Tassels
CORI Shiny Bra Chain With Tassels
CORI Shiny Bra Chain With Tassels

CORI Shiny Bra Chain With Tassels

Regular price $59

Add this to any outfit to make you look extra!

Made of nylon and acrylic.

Note! When you receive your shiny bra chain with tassels, make sure to peel off the protective layer on the circles! We leave them on so that everything stays shiny to the max during shipping and nothing scratches it. Also, it helps keep our costs down, which we pass on to you. Our shiny bra chain is $60 less than others we've seen on the market! So I hope you understand our decision to let you peel off the protective layer yourself. 


For full transparency, we want you to know that it takes 2-3 business days to fulfill your order. Then shipping can take:

  • 2-4 weeks to the USA (average 2-3 weeks) and
  • 2-6 weeks (average 3 weeks) to the rest of the world.

This is because we ship directly from our manufacturers to bring you lower prices! To compensate for the shipping time, we offer free shipping* worldwide on all orders.

If you feel like your order might be cutting it close but you still want it, message us on Facebook (button on bottom right) or contact us, and we'll fulfill your order asap!

See full details on shipping here. 

*Free shipping does not apply on free + shipping items (i.e. any item that costs $0).

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