7 Instagrammers to Follow for Festival Inspiration

Festival Fashion

There's something about music festivals that make us feel like forever kids! Our only responsibilities are to be kind to each other and listen to amazing music non-stop. Then there's also the incredible bonus of dressing up however we want from covering ourselves with glitter from head-to-toe or donning an ultra regal sequined out cape as we dance, dance, and dance. For the ultimate festival fashion inspiration, check out these Instagrammers you need to check out aka the ones I have total festival girl crushes on! 

Paris Sinclair 

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Paris Sinclair is like walking art. Whether she's in outer space or coming forth from Egyptian sands, she's always real as real can be and pours her heart to the world. Her style screams independent, strong, and a touch of "Don't mess with me. I only tolerate love and kindness." Check out her Instagram.

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Sophie Hannah Richardson 



Sophie Hannah Richardson is the ultimate glitter and sparkles queen. Remember when you were little and used to play tea with your stuffed animals in your favorite pink tutu? Well, Sophie Hannah Richardson is like the child within you but on steroids; unicorn, gems, and sparkles steroids of course. Check out her Instagram.

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Brittny Nicole aka Cosmic Daughter


Brittny Nicole, better known as Cosmic Daughter, is exactly what her IG bio says: a moon child, glitter goddess, lunar nymph, love and light, and Princess of Artemis. Yah, quite a lot of goodness going on. Check out her Instagram.

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Annalise McLachlan


Annelise McLachlan is down to earth and channels her inner hardcore rock goddess. Her festival outfits are creative and unique and sometimes has a touch of Wes Anderson in them, don't you think? Check out her Instagram.

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Kunna Haan 

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Kunna Haan is a future goddess sent back in time to remind us that life is about light, smiles, and flowy dresses. There's an air about her that's free and fantastic. Check out her Instagram.

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Tilly Baker

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Tilly Baker is all about rainbows, color, and girl power! She's not afraid to wear 100 colors at once, but more importantly, she's not afraid to show her true colors and talk about mental health. We've all got problems, and now we have one extra person we can relate to! Check out her Instagram.

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Stephxohaven aka Puffball Princess


Steph Haven is all about inspiring women to be confident in their bodies and baring it all 'cause there's nothing ever wrong with a little booty. You can find her at raves with puffballs in her hair, which are part of her signature look. Check out her Instagram. 

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Are there any festival Instagrammers you LOVE and I should know about? Comment below. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by! xo.


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  • Candy on

    I love looking at music festival fashion! It’s almost like another Halloween to me. The detailed makeup and wardrobe is so fascinating to me. Sophie Hannah Richardson’s makeup is amazing! I’m definitely following her account now and all these other ones too:)

  • nicki on

    I have never once been to a festival but omg these ladies are queens! How gorgeous are their outfits and make-up!! I am in awe of the work that goes into such a special occasion.

  • Patricia on

    Wow!! These people really take the music festival scene seriously! I love how, as you mentioned, that they look like living works of art. How fun! I love that kind of dedication. I definitely don’t have it — you’re lucky if I were fancy tennis shoes to a concert because I’m spending most of my time trying to figure out how to be comfortable. But these ladies are bringing it! Thanks for sharing!

  • LaiAriel R. Samangka (Thelittlelai: Beyond limits) on

    Wow, what a lovely ladies with their beautiful faces and good pose. Who would not love to follow them? I will surely check their IG and can’t wait to see their beautiful feeds. I love festival stuff and truly, I’ll enjoy all their post. I will also share this to my friends cause everyone of them seemed to be really interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I truly appreciate it so much.

  • Vibeke Johannessen on

    What a colorful post and interesting people. I have been to many festivals but never had the courage to dress like this. They are all so unique and inspiring. ☺

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